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Strands of Solitude
By William Mapan



This series has sold out, but works may be available on secondary markets.

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William Mapan

A series by

William Mapan

Strands of Solitude is a meditation on connection and isolation in the digital age. Through a series of intricate and highly detailed digital compositions, William Mapan delves into the ways in which social media and our increasing reliance on technology has both connected and disconnected us from one another.

The proliferation of social media and other digital platforms, Mapan's art highlights the ways in which we can still feel isolated and disconnected from those around us. His use of saturation, experimentation with density and negative space, and flow fields serves to emphasize not only this sense of disconnection, but more importantly remind the viewer that we are still part of a larger whole. As the viewer is drawn into the works, it is Mapan’s hope that we can recognize that we may be more similar than we are different.

Despite this underlying sense of isolation, Mapan's work also celebrates the ways in which we are able to connect and find common ground through our shared experiences and connections. By bringing together a variety of different elements and influences in his art, Mapan creates a sense of unity and connection that is palpable to the viewer. As we navigate the complexities of the digital age, Mapan's art serves as a reminder of the ways in which we are all connected, even in the midst of seeming disconnection.

A central tenant to Mapan's practice is his attempt to inject a sense of humanness into the algorithms that drive his generative art. Through his use of organic forms and rich textural elements, Mapan seeks to bridge the gap between the artificial and the human, creating works that are both technically impressive and emotionally resonant.


  • RESERVED WORKS: The first 2 pieces will be minted in advance and not available for sale during the auction: 1 for the artist and 1 for Tonic.
  • PRINT OPTIONS: If you buy at mint, you are entitled to an optional free 9 × 16 inch print with the ability to upgrade to a larger size or add a frame for a fee. If you buy on the secondary market, you are also able to purchase a printed version of the work. Only the current NFT owner is eligible to order 1 physical print of the respective piece.
  • EARLY MINTER REBATE: Click here for the list of qualifying wallets. Collectors who minted in the auction for Chromesthesia: Ascend or Intimità will receive a rebate to the sell-out price during William Mapan’s Strands of Solitude auction. The same wallet must be used in the Mapan auction that minted from previous Tonic auctions and 24 hours before the auction it must hold one work that you originally minted. Learn More.
  • HOLDER PREFERRED PRICING: Click here for the list of qualifying wallets. Wallets that hold at least one Chromesthesia: Ascend and one Intimità work 24 hours before the auction will be able to mint William Mapan’s Strands of Solitude collection at one price tier lower than the current price tier. For example, if the Dutch auction price is currently at 1.5Ξ and set to decrease to 1.0Ξ in 3 minutes, qualifying collectors will be able to mint with an effective price of 1.0Ξ. Learn More.
  • PRE-REGISTRATION OF BIDS using a credit card can be executed anytime before the auction begins. The bid can be set at any available price level and will execute on a first-come-first-served basis when the auction reaches that tier. You can use the pre-bid button on this page to submit your pre-registered bid, starting on Tuesday, March 7 at 8AM PST. Learn More.
  • PRE-AUCTION PURCHASES of any of a limited number of available works for can be made for 8Ξ. During the pre-sale only, you will be able to select which work you would like to buy. Please email concierge@tonic.xyz and a concierge will assist you. Learn More.
  • COPYRIGHT LICENSE: At the discretion of the artist, this specific collection is governed by the copyright license: CC BY-NC 4.0. Under this license, you are able to (1) Share the material in any format and (2) Adapt and transform the material. You must attribute the artist, indicate any changes, and only use the material for noncommercial purposes. Click here for collection specific terms.

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