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Header for Traits and Curation Iskra

Features, Series, ESCAPE

Traits and Curation in Iskra Velitchkova's ESCAPE

ESCAPE features seven traits of the collection captured in the metadata of the digital artworks that provide us new ways to display the work honoring the series' visual qualities.

Silver Gelatin Header

Unique Physicals, Series, ESCAPE

Iskra Velitchkova’s ESCAPE with Silver Gelatin Printing

Iskra Velitchkova’s ESCAPE is influenced by analog photography and leverages silver gelatin to its fullest for its unique physical offering.

Header Image - Escape

Features, Series, ESCAPE

Introducing ESCAPE by Iskra Velitchkova

ESCAPE by Iskra Velitchkova is at once an archive of the artist’s personal history and a self-referential exploration of how we seek freedom and escape in art.

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