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heartsleeves: An Interview with Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus

Lovid - Kyle and Tali

Tonic CEO Susannah Maybank interviews Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus on their latest series đź’–heartsleeves and the intersection of generative art and blockchain.

The artist duo Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus, also known as LoVid, have been making video & interactive art since the early 2000's. Over time, their practice has evolved to incorporate new technologies like wearables, synthesizers, locative video, and more recently, NFTs and the blockchain.

In their latest series, LoVid weave together shapes and symbols from their decades-long career as video and performance artists into abstract video fabrics (or skins). The work exploits two unique qualities of the blockchain—the ability to store code on-chain allowing for the transmission of this never-ending generative video, and the unique aspect of verifiable ownership, as collectors are invited to use their owned work to create video portraits.

Read Tonic CEO Susannah Maybank’s interview with Tali and Kyle to learn more about the inspirations behind 💖heartsleeves.

heartsleeves #0

heartsleeves #0

Susannah Maybank (SM): Could you tell us about LoVid and your new project đź’–heartsleeves?

LoVid: LoVid is a collaboration between us, Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus. Our work bridges the gap between the digital and analog, exploring the intricacies of technology and its impact on art. Heartsleeves is our latest venture, a digital art project that leverages blockchain technology to create generative art. It's inspired by one of our earliest video experiments and reflects our continuous fascination with the flow and interaction of patterns.

SM: How does đź’–heartsleeves incorporate blockchain technology, and why did you choose this approach?

LoVid: We're drawn to technology, especially the blockchain, because of its potential to revolutionize art. For đź’–heartsleeves, we collaborated with a talented team of developers and producers to translate our analog aesthetics into the realm of digital generative art. Blockchain not only supports the technical side of generating unique art pieces but also adds a layer of authenticity and ownership that's crucial in the digital art space.

Sample LoVid Works - Animated Grid

Susannah: What are the key visual elements of đź’–heartsleeves, and what inspired them?

LoVid: đź’–heartsleeves is visually rooted in our early experiments with video art. It features a dynamic array of patterns that move in various directions, creating a sensation of continuous flow. This concept was inspired by our residency at the Experimental Television Center, where we were surrounded by analog video equipment and the natural landscape of upstate New York. The juxtaposition of electronic landscapes and natural scenery, such as the flowing Susquehanna River, deeply influenced the aesthetic of đź’–heartsleeves.

heartsleeves #1

heartsleeves #1

heartsleeves #2

heartsleeves #2

Susannah: Can you touch on the traits and generative aspects of đź’–heartsleeves?

LoVid: Each piece within đź’–heartsleeves is unique, generated through a combination of predetermined traits and random variations. The traits include color schemes, patterns, and movement dynamics, ensuring that no two pieces are exactly alike. This variability not only makes each art piece special but also allows us to explore the endless possibilities within our visual language. The generative process itself is a reflection of our interest in how systems and algorithms can create art that's constantly evolving and alive.

Susannah: Lastly, what future projects or directions are you excited about?

LoVid: We're continually inspired by the rapid changes in technology and art. Our next projects will likely go deeper into the possibilities of blockchain, augmented reality, and perhaps even more immersive experiences. đź’–heartsleeves is just the beginning of a new chapter for LoVid.

To learn more about đź’–heartlseeves by LoVid, visit the series page.

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