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December 2023 Update: A Seamless, Physical-Forward Buying Experience

Enhancing our buying experience for new and seasoned digital art collectors, including a simplified physical/NFT purchasing flow, physical-forward filters & browsing, and the new Tonic Journal with shoppable content.

We continue to enhance our buying experience for new and seasoned digital art collectors. Our goal has always been to simplify the buying experience for all collectors, regardless of Web3 knowledge.

Our latest site update went live late December. Here’s a rundown of our new features:

Bundles: Simple Physical/NFT Purchase Flow

Today, purchasing digital artwork requires navigating through sites like Opensea or Blur, connecting a wallet, and, if available, externally purchasing the physical work. For new collectors, especially those who have a physical-first mindset, this experience can be overwhelming.

We want collectors to fall in love with the art and the artist, and eliminate any barriers that may prevent them from purchasing.

In a few clicks, a collector can find any NFT listed across major marketplaces, and buy a print or physical and the listed NFT in one transaction through credit card or crypto, all while ensuring artist royalties. All the complexities related to typical crypto and Web3 purchases are abstracted away.

December 2023 Site Update: Bundles

New Navigation

We’ve added more navigation options and functionality in our header, providing more information on physicals and showcasing works available in a more visual format.

Browse Available Works

Speaking of works available, we will handle the buying experience from secondary marketplaces like Opensea and Blur for collectors using our website, including payment of royalties to the artist. When the original seller is not enforcing royalty payments, we will pass the royalty payment on to the purchaser, and remit it to the artist.

Physical-Forward Filters

For each series, we’ve made the buying experience easier for collectors by including filters to refine their search. Search by price, availability, traits, as well as information on the physicals available for each work.

We’ve also added a color filter that uses a proprietary process to dynamically assess what colors are in a work, as well as an in-situ that highlights what the art looks like when displayed.

December Update: Filters

The Tonic Journal

This year, we’ve shared many deep dives about our series and the artistic movements that inspired them. We’re so excited to announce a new home for these long-form pieces: The Tonic Journal!

We’re continually adding new articles showcasing collections, inspirations, and more about the artists we work with. In 2024, we’ll also be adding in-depth pieces from leaders in the generative art & physical art spaces.

Unique to Tonic are the shoppable NFTs cards tastefully embedded throughout the Journal content so readers can easily buy digital art as they read the Journal. For collectors that click to buy, they’ll experience the new physical/nft purchase flow detailed above.

seating-arrangements #216

seating-arrangements #216

0.0881 ETH

($285.93 USD)

Buy now
interference #95

interference #95

0.06249 ETH

($202.81 USD)

Buy now
strands-of-solitude #81

strands-of-solitude #81

0.63425 ETH

($2,058.46 USD)

Buy now

The features we rolled out make Tonic the easiest physical/digital buying experience in Web3 as we continue on our mission to onboard the millions of traditional art lovers into the space.

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