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heartsleeves by LoVid: Artist Portraits

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LoVid explores the tension of anonymity and community through heartsleeves, an immersive generative experience involving personalized video portraits.

Tonic is pleased to announce LoVid's latest body of work,đź’–heartsleeves by LoVid, releasing on tonic.xyz on February 9 at 10AM PT / 1PM ET.

đź’–heartsleeves is a multifaceted generative video project. Code-based, abstract video art that then becomes the basis for community portraits once minted. In this layered generative process, the artists take advantage of the distributive nature of art on the blockchain to elevate the community to co-creators who can generate their own portraits within the environments LoVid has defined.

The work exploits two unique qualities of the blockchain—the ability to store code on-chain allowing for the transmission of this never-ending generative video, and the unique aspect of verifiable ownership. Only the owner of the video skin can use it in the Portrait Studio to make their own customized video portraits, incorporating biometrics and other controls.

Heartsleeves Artist Video - Addie Wagenknecht

Addie Wagenknecht (@whereisaddie)

Heartsleeves Artist Video - Auriera Harvey

Auriera Harvey (@auriea)

Aaron Penne

Aaron Penne (@aaronpenne)

Heartsleeves Artist Video - Cheryl Donegan

Cheryl Donegan

“The name 💖heartsleeves comes from the idea of wearing your emotions on your sleeves. In 💖heartsleeves, you project your emotions and your biometrics out into the internet through video portraits.”


Heartsleeves Artist Video - Rhea Myers

Rhea Myers (@rheaplex)

Community has always been important to LoVid's artistic practice. As early adopters of video and experiential art in the early 2000's, their installations and activations focused on bringing the community together into the piece. The duo regularly collaborates with artists from diverse mediums, as well as featuring artists in their work.

Heartsleeves Artist Video - Kevin Abosch

Kevin Abosch (@kevinabosch)

Heartsleeves Artist Video - Sarah Zucker

Sarah Zucker (@thesarahshow)

Heartsleeves Artist Video - Kim Asendorf

Kim Asendorf (@kimasendorf)

Featured here are contemporary digital media artists who recorded a portrait in the đź’–heartsleeves Portrait Studio. While each portrait is identified, not all artists are immediately recognizable within their video portrait. LoVid highlights the tension between anonymity & identity in digital media with đź’–heartsleeves, allowing the participant to control what they reveal in the portrait.

Heartsleeves Artist Video - Lauren Lee McCarthy

Lauren Lee McCarthy (@laurenleemack)

“We took into consideration what identity means in web3. Collectors choose which elements of their identity to reveal in their portrait, or they can remain fully anonymous using the controls.”


Heartsleeves Artist Video - Loren Bednar

Loren Bednar (@LorenBednar)

Heartsleeves Artist Video - 0xDEAFBEEF

0xDEAFBEEF (@_deafbeef)

Heartsleeves Artist Video - Emily Xie

Emily Xie (@emily_xie)

Heartsleeves Artist Video - Jennifer and Kevin McCoy

Jennifer and Kevin McCoy (@JennMcCoySpace and @mccoyspace)

đź’–heartsleeves releases via Dutch auction on February 9. Learn more about LoVid and đź’–heartsleeves at tonic.xyz.

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